DIY Custom ICY Blue and Custom Silver Acrylic Powders

Hey, what’s up everyone it’s me, Maddie Evans. Today we are making a custom icy blue acrylic powder and a custom silver acrylic powder. Now, let me tell you, these turned out great. 

So, as always before we get started, the disclaimers. I am currently in nail school to become a certified nail tech. This means I cannot currently do artificial nails on myself. So sad. But, I will be giving these colors away to the first two people who message me. That is correct. Giving away, so make you shoot me a message on the Top Blog Zone Instagram account.

 Icy blue custom acrylic powder, let’s get to it. First, grab a clean medium-sized stackable container and some blue-colored paper mate chalk. Now take an e-file as well as a sanding band that should only be used for chalk. E-file a small amount of the blue chalk into the container. Going in the jar as well after and filing some more just to make sure it is 100% fine powder, no chunks.

Next, add five to seven scoops of clear acrylic powder to your container. I used my favorite from Akzénts. I initially only added two but throughout the whole process I ended up having to add more so just add five to seven scoops initially. Mixing that all up with your spatula again just so it’s consistent.

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My favorite part glitter time. Starting off with some light icy blue sparkles, royal blue sparkles, small blue circle glitter small irredentist blue circle glitter, icy blue glitter, royal blue line glitter, small royal blue circle chunky glitter, irredentist white glitter (just squeeze the bottle it’s easier, trust me), small white irredentist circle glitter, sparkles that are blue with a purple undertone, white irredentist lines, icy blue irredentist circle glitter, thicker white irredentist pinky blue circles, and lastly some multi-sized white bluey purple glitter chunks I got from Wish. I am also posting links for these down below. Now just taking a clean spatula mix it all together.

Okay next up, custom silver acrylic powder. Taking another clean medium container just fill that up with five to seven scoops of the clear acrylic powder and no chalk this time because we want to keep the base clear. 

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We’ll be starting her off with some small circle silver glitters, silver line glitter, dark grey holographic circle glitter, medium silver chunky glitter, and some small pieces of these actual metal chunks that are painted silver just from the dollar store. Now, on camera, they are a yellow tinge of silver, but in person, they are very silver. We’ll also be adding big silver chunky glitter, silver confetti glitter, small silver holographic circle glitter, silver glitter, dark grey silver glitter, and lastly some holographic silver butterflies I got from Wish, and that link will also be posted down below. Mix it all together with your spatula.

Now to apply, simply take some monomer and a brush of your choice, make a bead, and apply it to your tips. I simply love the icy blue! 

The camera does not do this glitter justice, okay. Trust me.

Thanks for tuning in, it was ME, Maddie Evans, with Top Blog Zone. Until next time.

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